10th Liekkipäivä / Finnish Flame Days at Scandic Rosendahl, Tampere

The event is a special forum for both industry and academia in the field of thermal energy science and technology in Finland. This year’s proceedings will be primarily held in English, with Finnish and Swedish presentations as optional. The event will be chaired by Patrik Yrjas from Åbo Akademi University. The theme for this year is:

Towards a better future – combustion during times of change


Participation and registration fees:

The participation fee structure for the conference will be the following and includes participation and meals:

Price [€]
Student 200
Member 300
Non-member 400

The participation fee does not cover accommodation. Accommodation at the Scandic Rosendahl can be booked at a discounted price via the link below or by using a booking code: BFTE180423. The discounted accommodation prices are available until the 4th of April 2023 or as long as rooms are available.

Link to registration: https://survey.abo.fi/lomakkeet/15091/lomake.html

Link to hotel booking: http://www.scandichotels.fi/?bookingcode=BFTE180423



April 19th

9:00 Registration

9:45 Keynote by Prof. Emer. Mikko Hupa

11:00 Sessions 1A and 1B


13:30 Sessions 2A and 2B

14:50 Sessions 3A and 3B

16:00 Finnish Thermal Energy Award ceremony

17:00 Panel discussion

19:00 Conference dinner

April 20th

9:00 Keynote by Prof. Pami Aalto

10:00 Sessions 4A and 4B

11:20 Sessions 5A and 5B

Lunch and adjournment


Scientific presentations

1A Fuel pretreatment Chair: Chao He
Orlando Salcedo Effect of hydrothermal carbonization on the combustion kinetics of kraft lignin
Clara Mendoza-Martinez Hydrothermal carbonization of pulp mill biosludge: Characterization and effects of water recirculation
Chao He Simultaneous waste treatment and NOx emission reduction using co-combustion of biowastes derived hydrochar with coals
Abhishek Singhal Water leaching pre-treatment for different lignocellulosic biomass: A detailed study on process parameters, kinetics, thermodynamic equilibrium modelling, and pyrolysis product yield
1B NOx, modeling and experimental Chair: Markus Engblom
Florian Lebendig Influence of Pre-treatment and the Use of Additives of Herbaceous Biomass Feedstocks on the Release of Nitrogen Species during Combustion and Gasification
Oskar Karlström Combined CFD-modeling and detailed chemical kinetic reactor network modeling to predict NOx emissions from a bubbling fluidized bed: influence of secondary and tertiary air distribution
Rasmus Fagerlund Development of a global NOx chemistry model for CFD
Shervin Karimkashi A numerical investigation of NO formation pathways in laminar premixed ammonia/hydrogen flames
2A Corrosion Chair: Jonne Niemi
Juho Lehmusto The role of small halide additions in deposit-induced high-temperature corrosion
Hanna Kinnunen Material-related challenges in future combustion
Alessandro Ruozzi Formation of calcium chloride and its role on superheater corrosion in biomass combustion
2B Pyrolysis & Gasification Chair: Vesna Barišić
Meheretu Jaleta Dirbeba Fast Pyrolysis of Low-grade Biomass Feedstocks: Role of Ash-Forming Matter
Avishek Goel Comparison of multiple oxygen carriers in biomass chemical looping gasification for the production of high-quality syngas
Tooran Khazraie Fast Pyrolysis of the Sustainable Feedstock at Valmet
3A Emissions Chair: Olli Sippula
Niina Kuittinen Characterization of exhaust particles emitted by a modern cruise ship applying scrubber
Kimmo Korhonen Physicochemical characterisation of particle emissions from a modern heavy-duty diesel engine and three different fuels
3B Optical analysis methods Chair: Heikki Lappalainen
Juha Toivonen Supercontinuum Lidar for Combustion Aerosol Analysis
Ari Kankkunen Increasing understanding of furnace operations by image-based methods
4A Ash chemistry Chair: Hanna Kinnunen
Olli Sippula Effects of blast furnace slag bed materials on agglomeration and fates of ash-forming elements in a pilot BFB-reactor operated with biomass fuels
Daniel Schmid Release of phosphorous and alkali species from agricultural waste during gasification and combustion
Roland Balint Impact of ash melting behaviour on the morphology and chemical composition of aged superheater deposits
4B Fuel properties Chair: Mika Liukkonen
Clara Mendoza-Martinez Characterization of spent coffee grounds and tea leaf residues – what should we do with them?
Cheng Qiang Fuel characterization: An experimental comparison of the methane and hydrogen hollow-cone jets under the effect of pressure ratio
Jesús Nuncira Flow Behavior and Microstructure of Pinus sp. Black Liquor: Towards High Spray Combustion Efficiency
5A Modeling Chair: Kexin Hu
Markku Nikku Improving horizontal cyclone performance with computational fluid dynamics simulations
Atmadeep Bhattacharya Cool, hot, and super-adiabatic flames of gasoline surrogates
Alpo Laitinen LES of the secondary air jets of a kraft recovery boiler
Mahmoud Gadalla Embedded direct numerical simulation of ignition kernel evolution and flame initiation in dual-fuel spray assisted combustion
5B Industrial and societal challenges and solutions Chair: Aino Vettenranta
Emmi Kallio Reducing the Share of Fossil Fuels in the Context of Existing Fluidized Bed Power Plants – Technical Challenges and Countermeasures
Mika Liukkonen Digital services to ensure economical, safe and reliable energy production now and in the future
Tuomas Vanhanen Exploring expert opinions towards bioenergy and electrification in Tampere region

note: the program is not final and there might be changes made to it


Call for exhibitions:

Industrial attendees have the opportunity to set up an exhibition throughout the event for marketing their products and services. For further information on the packages provided, which includes sponsorship recognition, please contact jonne.niemi@abo.fi as soon as possible.

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19 - 20 Apr 2023


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